Our mission at Albany Creek Kindergarten is to provide children with a PLAY enriched environment and build PARTNERSHIPS with families and the community. We strive for HIGH QUALITY early childhood education and care where we support children to become LIFE-LONG LEARNERS.

In relation to children:

We believe that each child is unique, with diverse needs, interests and abilities. We strive to empower children by using their thoughts and ideas to develop our program and encourage each child to reach their full potential in accordance with their individual ability.

In relation to families:

We believe that families and carers play a critical role in optimising and enhancing learning. We are therefore committed to connecting with families through open communication and building positive Partnerships.

We strive to have empathy and be responsive to families’ diverse needs and involve them in cooperative decision making.

In relation to the community:

We believe in acknowledging the original custodians (the Turrabal people) of the land on which our Centre is situated and where our children play. We acknowledge and pay respect to Elders both past, present and future.

As a Community Kindergarten all community members have the opportunity to provide input into the running of our Centre. We believe in forging relationships with our wider community to network and share resources which enhance the quality of education and care we provide.

In relation to environment:

We believe our environments are warm, flexible, nurturing, safe and secure where children can belong, grow and learn.

We believe children are connected to the natural world through our program and we work towards embedding the principles of sustainability to allow children to become socially responsible and show respect for the environment.

In relation to our Curriculum:

We believe that PLAY is the most significant means of learning. It allows children to create, discover, problem solve and develop a sense of identity to become confident and involved life-long learners. Therefore we reflect the shared understandings of the C and K Building waterfalls curriculum and the learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework.

As Educators we respect and advocate for the rights of children. We utilise the knowledge of team members, families, children and the community to assist in reflective practices and strive towards continuous improvement.

In relation to our Staff:

We believe we foster a team approach where staff are valued as individuals, and each come with their own strengths and personal qualities to build an engaging Kindergarten environment.

We strive towards providing ongoing professional development and reflective practises in order to continue to offer a high quality Kindergarten program for our children, families and community.